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What is Schedru?

Schedru started as, and still is, a dorm room project by a junior at Rutgers University studying Computer Science. Trying to register for closed courses every semester was becoming tedious and frustrating, and the current online sniper web apps did not have proper setups to offer both account-based snipes and a good user interface. Schedru was created to solved both of these problems.

What semesters and campuses do you watch?

We currently watching Fall 2018 courses on the New Brunswick campus. Future updates will include other campuses and semesters.

Is Schedru free?

Yes. Email notifications are free, and the free text notifications come with a delay of about 1 minute because of the email-to-SMS model. Future updates will introduce options to buy credits for extended features of this app. However, the basic functionality of this app will always remain free for everyone.

Is Schedru open source?

Currently, it is not open source.

How often does Schedru check for open courses?

It depends on the current number of sections users have selected to watch, but a rough estimate is once every 30 seconds. During high load times the interval between checks could range between 1 and 3 minutes. One caveat though: Schedru only checks for openings during hours that WebReg is online (the idea is that you can't register for an opened course if WebReg is offline anyway, so this saves server time and space). WebReg is online Monday through Sunday from 6:30AM - 1:59AM. This website will still be accessible out of those hours so you can manage your Snipes and settings.

How can I check if Schedru is working properly?

Find an open section and input it. See how long it takes for Schedru to email you or text you that it's open. This is your estimate for how fast you'll be notified when an actual section you need opens up.

What do you code in?

Schedru is built on a variety of backend and frontend frameworks. A snapshot of these tools include Python, PostgreSQL, Bootstrap, jQuery, and various APIs for communication services like emailing.

Can I help contribute to this app?

Sure, contact me with your credentials and we can chat from there.

There is a bug or security flaw!

Contact me with details please! I'd greatly appreciate it and I'll keep you in mind when future updates/credits/functionalities are rolled out.

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